A Story of the Motherfish (a workshop)

Do you want to explore the history of fish evolution while also doing your bit to clean up our oceans? If yes, then A Story of the Motherfish workshops are for you!

I was invited to present insights into fish evolution and adaptation at the December event late last year at this special art and science collaboration, bought to you by Heaps Good Productions & Steve Hayter Design at the Marine Discovery Centre in Henley.


Participants were invited to bring their own plastic garbage and collected new rubbish from Henley Beach before using these polluting materials to create original pieces of artwork. Talks from myself gave insight into fish evolution and extinctions, and we heard from Georgie, a marine biologist, talking about the threat and other possible consequences of micro-plastics in our oceans today. Steve Hayter then inspired and led everyone to create their own marine-inspired pieces of recycled art.

There’s another workshop coming up on January 18th to be held at Port Adelaide, and then all the artwork created will be shown the artwork at an exhibition! What a better way to reduce plastic in the oceans and put it to a more creative use. The event is free to attend but please register your interest using the following link: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/a-story-of-the-motherfish-workshop-2-tickets-86630398855

EDIT: watch the video about the workshops and exhibition here:

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