Popular Science Articles and Other Blog Contributions

CLEMENT, A. M. and Long, J. A. 2018. It’s less than 2cm long, but this 400 million year old fossil fish changes our view of vertebrate evolutionThe Conversation. May 30, 2018.

CLEMENT, A. M. 2018. On the hunt for tetrapod footprints. Beer n’ Bones. 12(1), 1-3.

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Public Presentations and Appearances

2018: Live radio interview for ABC Radio Hobart Breakfast with Ryk Goddard. (1:02-1:10)

2018: Invited Speaker for Palaeo in the PubFlinders University. “Once we were fish – exploring our piscine origins.”

2016: Live radio interview for Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly.

2010: Invited Speaker for Field Naturalist Club of Victoria. Seminar about fieldwork and recent fossil finds from the Gogo Formation, Western Australia.

2009: Guest speaker on Einstein a go-go (RRR 102.7fm) Weekly science show, Melbourne.

2009: Palaeo-Week Presenter, South Australia Museum. Seminar for High School students  and the general public about palaeontology and careers in science.