Public Presentations & Appearances

July 2020: CSIRO Stem Professionals in Schools, Happy Valley Primary School. Alice with marsupial skulls

May 2020: Interviewed by Prof. Flint from Dinosaur University to celebrate the great Mary Anning’s 221st birthday.

May 2020: Invited speaker, Butterfly Conservation SA monthly meeting, “Brain evolution of fossil fish and the first tetrapods“. BCSA talk 2020

March 2020: Radio interview, The Wire, with Lachlan McPherson.

March 2020: Panellist, Flinders Brave public lecture, Alere Function Centre. BRAVE

Feb 2020: CSIRO Stem Professionals in Schools, Happy Valley Primary School.

Feb 2020: A thank you to the Flinders University donor community for Impact Seed Funding.

Dec 2019: Invited speaker, A Story of the Motherfish, Marine Discovery Centre, Henley Beach, Adelaide.

Dec 2019: Invited speaker, Science in the Pub – Great Evolutionary Transformations, Rob Roy Hotel, Adelaide.


Dec 2019: Interviewed by David Bevan on ABC Adelaide “Mornings” (listen here from 34min)

May 2019: Panellist, For the Love of Science, by The Science Nation, The Royal Institution of Australia.

May 2019: Invited Speaker, Palaeo in the Pub, “Old Four Legs – the evolutionary history of the coelacanth”, with Prof. Richard Cloutier and Dr Hugo Dutel. Poster

March 2019: Presenter, Super Daughter Day exploring STEM with girls aged 5-12, Work180 Melbourne. (*Read my blog on the Work180 website here).

December 2018: Featured on the children’s science TV show, Scope (Channel 10)

November 2018: Invited speaker, Adelaide Planetarium ‘Supernovas’ monthly meeting with ‘Fish, Fossils and Brains’.

November 2018: Panellist, Science Says!, an event designed to educate and entertain from The Science Nation, held at The Royal Institution of Australia.

September 2018: Invited speaker, Geological Society of Australia Networking and Speed Mentoring night. Adelaide University.

June 2018: 10 minute live radio interview on ABC Radio Hobart Breakfast with Ryk Goddard about my research investigating the stem-osteichthyan, Ligulalepis.

June 2018: Filmed segment for TV about our work on Ligulalepis.

April 2018: Invited Speaker, Palaeo in the Pub, ‘Once we were fish – exploring our piscine origins’, with Dr Brian Choo and Prof John Long. Palaeo in the Pub Flyer - Final copy

2016: Live radio interview for Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly about my recent research into lungfish brains.


2010: Invited Speaker, Field Naturalist Club of VictoriaSeminar about fieldwork and recent fossil finds from the Gogo Formation.

2009: Live radio interview on Einstein a go-go (RRR 102.7fm, weekly science show) about a new fossil lungfish, Melbourne.

2009: Presenter, South Australia MuseumPalaeo-Week’. Seminar for High School students  and the general public about palaeontology and careers in science.


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Features & Interviews (print)

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