National Science Week 2021

National Science Week 2021 is fast approaching! During 14-22 August Australia-wide there is a plethora of science-themed events, tours and more for you to get involved in.

I’m involved in a few different events happening during the week:

I’m attending the Official Launch Lunch being held at the South Australian Museum with Mr Brian Oldman, (Director of the South Australian Museum), Hon David Pisoni MP and Prof Caroline McMillen AO, (Chief Scientist for SA), in a celebration of science (la di da!)

Secondly, I’m an invited speaker at Seeing Things Differently held by Micro-X at Tonsley on Friday 20th August where I will present my talk ‘A virtual revolution for fossil hunters – how CT scanning is transforming palaeontology’ to registered school groups coming by for a tour of Adelaide’s Micro-X factory.

I’ve been invited to be part of a fun night of science and cheeky debate between four teams representing different STEM fields called My Science Rulz, Your Science Droolz. It’ll be a battle between palaeontology, astronomy, maths, and neurogenetics on Tuesday 24th August at The Gov and should be a good laugh.

And lastly, I’m helping to organise an event being put on by the Royal Society of South Australia, thanks to support from Nat Sci Week, called the Royal Society Show Case Science to celebrate and promote to the public the diverse research our members undertake to advance knowledge in SA. The night will include lightening talks and distinguished panellists making their case for science on Wednesday 18th August. This event will be held in person at the SA Museum, but guests are also available to join in online and attendance is free! Please check it out. #ScienceSouthAustralia

So it is shaping up to be a busy, but fun-filled and science-y week! I urge you to check out the website to see if there is an event that tickles your fancy so you too can get involved.