E. S. Hills Medal

Wow. I’m thrilled and honoured to receive the E.S. Hills medal from the Geological Society of Australia today. The medal is awarded to a young (<40 years) Australian resident for outstanding contribution(s) to any branch of the geological sciences, anywhere. This medal, named for the impressive life and career of Edwin Sherbon Hills -whose interests and expertise were incredibly wide-ranging- is a great reminder of how broad and vast the geosciences are.

The medal was awarded during the 2021 Virtual AESC (Australian Earth Sciences Convention) . I must of course say a HUUUUGE thank you my nominators, and the entire awards committee for this privilege. Big congratulations also to Heather Handley for the inaugural Beryl Nashar Award, and to Alan Collins for the S.W. Carey Medal. (I’m humbled to be in their company). I hope that this award can inspire others to remember just how diverse and exciting the geological sciences are, and to keep digging until you find your niche. Thanks GSA!