Two years, two chapters, two books!

54523513_1128886560615464_1726450924550881280_nI returned to the office after a couple of weeks interstate to several packages on my desk. Two hard cover books were amongst my patiently waiting mail. I wrote two chapters for two different books about two years ago and the final hard copies had finally arrived – it felt like Christmas!

The first was a co-authored chapter with my colleagues John Long and Brian Choo on the evolution of fishes through geological time for the book “Evolution and Development of Fishes“, edited by Zerina Johanson, Charlie Underwood and Martha Richter and published by Cambridge University Press.

The second I have mentioned before: I wrote a chapter about the anatomy, evolution and diversity of the cranial anatomy of the lobe-finned fishes (sarcopterygians). This book examined the heads, jaws and associated muscles from early chordates up to mammals. I’m particularly proud of this one as my first single-authored scientific book chapter.  The full title of the book is “Heads, Jaws and Muscles: Anatomical, Functional, and Developmental Diversity in Chordate Evolution.” It was published by Springer as part of their “Fascinating Life Sciences” series and edited by Janine Ziermann, Paul Diaz Jr, and Rui Diogo.

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