Scope TV

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019!

I hope the heads are not too sore this morning and that you are all ready for another year full of wonderful lungfish-y and palaeo fish news from yours truly. My blog has been online for one year now and I’ve really enjoyed sharing snippets of my work and passion for evolutionary biology. Thanks to all for the positive feedback so far.

If you’re still feeling a little shabby this morning and not ready to race out into the new year just yet, then why not settle down with a cup of tea for an episode of Scope TV? Scope is a “fast, funny and informative children’s science show produced in association with the CSIRO…. created to demystify the world of science and technology, and make it relevant, accessible and above all fascinating to a young audience”.

My research on the stem-osteichthyan (early bony fish) Ligulalepis, was featured in Season 4, Episode 78 (I’m on between 17:56-20:47). You can watch the full episode here: , or if you are watching from outside Australia or want to skip straight to my segment click HERE

I hope you enjoy it (no, not that fish!)
ScopeTV Alice

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