GSA Networking and Speed Mentoring Night

Last night I attended the Geological Society of Australia’s “networking and speed mentoring” evening held at the University of Adelaide. The event was an opportunity for undergraduate, honours, masters or PhD students to network with professional geoscientists working in industry, government or academia.

I was very honoured to be asked to give one of two presentations for the evening, along with Kelly Sharrad, an educator at Marden Senior College. I spoke about my education and career path and shared some of the positives and negatives about pursuing a career in academia. I finished off with my top tips for a career in academia (see below).

Following the presentations, students were given the opportunity for “speed mentoring”, where for five minutes at each table, students could chat to diverse geoscientists from universities, museums, petroleum, mining and exploration industries and government for advice about their chosen careers.

I thought it was a fantastic initiative and it gave me an opportunity to meet many keen students. Lastly, I would like to thank Morgan Blades, GSA SA-Division Secretary, for the invitation to be involved.

Alice’s top tips for a career in academia:

  • Find good mentors, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice
  • Be prepared to travel (if possible)
  • Contact people whose work you admire and who you want to work with
  • Be persistent (but don’t be a pest)
  • Develop a broad skill set (publish, outreach, field experience, teaching etc.)
  • Find your niche, and collaborate!

Image-1Alice and Kelly, speakers at the GSA-SA networking and speed-mentoring evening 2018.

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