Open Day 2018

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the palaeontology labs at Flinders University? Well now is your chance!

This weekend is the Flinders University Open Day, and the Flinders palaeontology group will be hosting tours through the labs on Friday 10th August and Saturday 11th August.

Flinders has the biggest palaeontology team in Australia with six specialist professors and over 25 researchers. It is home to a $1.1 million-dollar palaeontology hub, equipped with cutting-edge technology and labs for studying, storing and preparing fossils. It was described as “… without a doubt the most important in the nation” by Professor Tim Flannery at its grand opening in 2014.

Come and hear about the diverse and varied work our group does on birds, fish, reptiles and mammals.  I’ll be giving tours of the lab and talking about the “fabulously fishy” research we do from 11-3:30 this Saturday. Hope to see you there!


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