Total Girl

Guess who was featured in this month’s edition of Total Girl magazine? (For those of you who don’t know that is “Australia’s Best Tween Mag for Girls”.)

You guessed it, moi!

I was very pleased to be contacted by their Features Writer recently (thanks Aaron!) who was looking to include more science-based content, in particular, information about possible career paths in science and technology. You can find my face in amongst the celeb goss, quizzes and all things cute and fluffy!

With respect to women in STEM in particular, I strongly believe we all need to do much more to remove negative biases from all levels of the ‘leaky pipeline’, to positively engage and inspire confidence in the next generation. A big part of this is visibility of appropriate and positive role models, as I strive to be.

Issue #192 (July 2018) is on sale now. And word has it that this issue comes with a free glitter watch too!

OMG. Totes amazeballs.


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