Once we were fish – exploring our piscine origins

Did you know that we can trace the origins of our jaws back to the Silurian Period, over 420 million years ago?

Did you know that African lungfish will drown if held under water for too long?

Did you know that the first tetrapods had more than five digits on each hand/foot?

Do you know which vertebrates were the first to give live birth?


Come and learn these and other amazing facts all about how you and your fish ancestors aren’t all that different after all.

I will be speaking at Palaeo in the Pub” at Flinders Tavern, this Wednesday 18th April from 6pm. I’ll be joined by the other Flinders Fishy Folk, Prof. John Long and Dr. Brian Choo as we regale you with fabulous ‘fishtails’.

The event is FREE to attend and you are invited to enjoy happy hour prices on drinks all night, with some nibbles and hot food provided.

Palaeo in the Pub Flyer - Final copy

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