Dinosaur rEvolution!

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the opening of the new travelling exhibition at the South Australia Museum, “Dinosaur rEvolution: Secrets of Survival”.

There were a lot of old favourites there, but also some refreshing interpretations incorporating recent discoveries about dinosaur skin and ornaments, and some of the spectacular forms coming out of China (spoiler: there are lots of feathers, quills, spikes and horns to be seen.)

A great feature that I enjoyed was the abundance of skeleton casts that were available to touch (gently). I think the tactile experience is very important in Museum exhibitions – for adults and children alike. However, it was a little disappointing that I didn’t manage to find any Australian material on show.

The exhibition was put together by Luis V. Ray and Gondwana Studios, and is at the SAM until early May. I think it’s sure to be a hit with all of those dinosaur-obsessed little ones out there!


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